Our students are taught to learn and achieve at the highest levels, building habits of success that take them anywhere God leads them to go.


St. Michael Academy is accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation program. Our fully-certified and licensed faculty teach a thorough curriculum of traditional subjects as required by the State of Florida, the Diocese of St. Augustine, and the National Catholic Education Association.

The standards of this accreditation program are derived from sound educational research and influenced by Catholic educational philosophy, which integrates faith and values with life and learning. These standards assist schools in working through a dynamic self-evaluation process which promotes accountability and ongoing excellence.


Our St. Michael teaching faculty are all strong leaders, demanding and fair, and always full of encouragement. They are all experienced Florida certified teachers. In addition to our classroom faculty, we have professional instructors in Art, Music, Computers, Physical Education, and Spanish, as well as a part-time School Counselor.

Our VPK-4 teachers are certified Florida teachers, exceeding the requirements set by the state. Each classroom from Pre-K through 1st  grade has a classroom assistant who is an active part of the class, allowing the primary teacher the flexibility to work with smaller groups of students.


Our core curriculum of Religion, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies is augmented with Music, Art, Foreign Language, Library, Physical Education, and Computer Technology for all grade levels. Our teachers utilize best practices across our curriculum to enhance student learning. The success of our academic program is reflected year after year, as students consistently score higher on the ITBS national tests than other Catholic schools in the diocese and state. We offer accelerated academic courses to encourage our middle school students to reach their full potential in preparation for successful experiences in high school and beyond.

First and foremost, we are a Catholic school, steeped in the traditions and teachings of our faith. Religion is taught in our classrooms and is a vital part of our day. In 2nd grade, our students study and prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.
In grades 3-5, they learn the mission and structure of the church, prayers, scriptures, saints, liturgical seasons and more. In middle school, students read and study the Hebrew scriptures in the Old Testament, the Gospels, morality, the ten commandments, Church history, and the Holy Spirit.

Our English program is a central focus. From phonics to penmanship, we build from the basics to develop student mastery in reading, writing and speaking. In middle school, our students read widely in classic literature, drama and poetry, and write and present orally on a regular basis.

Our Mathematics program is developmentally appropriate and challenges our students year after year. From our early grades where we teach counting, matching, money, time, simple addition, subtraction, and measurement, to our middle school where we teach Algebra, Geometry and other subjects in preparation for an advanced high school track.

Our Science program starts in our early grades, with our youngest students learning about animals, plants, oceans, conservation and more. By 5th grade, students participate actively in the scientific method, developing and presenting science projects and experiments in class.
In middle school, they pursue Life Sciences of plants and animals, including animal dissections, as well as the Physical Sciences, including basic chemistry and physics and science lab experiments. Our middle school students also develop competitive projects according to the International Science and Engineering Fair guidelines.

Social Studies is component of every grade level. In early grades, students learn about different cultures, holidays, community, and historical figures. By the 3rd grade, they study map skills and basic world geography. In middle school, our students study US history, world geography and ancient cultures.


Enrichment Studies

In addition to our five main subjects, our students all attend regular weekly classes in Foreign Language, Art, Music, Computer Technology and Physical Education.

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